Alexander Technique for singers | NYCGB – YouTube

This is a lovely brief introduction to the Alexander Technique as taught to singers at the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain. Well done!
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The first week of the One Body, One Career Countertechnique intensive is coming to an end and what a week it has been! Participants have been taking daily Countertechnique classes and Practical Tools sessions, participating in partnering and repertory workshops and attending Alexander Technique plenary and individual sessions. Such enthusiasm and energy from the dancers and teaching team Anouk van Dijk, Nina Wollny, Niharika Senapati and Tom Koch. And there’s still one more week to grow and go!
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La Biennale College Danza 2017

What a wonderfully inspiring week I have had with this delightful group of young dancers at La Biennale College Danza in Venice. I wish I could stay longer but hope to see you all again someday somewhere. Until then keep freeing your necks and think up! Ciao for now! #biennalecollegedanza

One Body, One Career Countertechnique Intensive | 3-14 July 2017 in Melbourne, AU

I love teaching at this wonderful annual intensive with Anouk van Dijk, Nina Wollny in Melbourne. To see a large group of young dancers transform their thinking and movement is such a short time is inspiring, often mind-blowing, and more fun for me than a barrel of monkeys. I can’t wait! The deadline for applications is this coming Sunday, the 15th! For applications:
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Today is the last day for Early Bird Discount! Happy Holidays!
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Register now for the Early Bird discount! Join me and Anouk van Dijk, Nina Wollny and Niharika Senapati in July for the next edition of One Body One Career in beautiful Melbourne, Australia. And please share now with you dance friends!
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How Jeremy Irons used Alexander Technique to portray twins

A recent listicle at MoviePilot titled "Double Trouble: Here's What Happens When Our Favorite Actors Come Face To Face With Themselves" states:

Initially, Irons had two separate dressing rooms for each character, both with their own wardrobe, but he soon realized that “the whole point of the story is you should sometimes be confused as to which is which.” From that point onwards, he used a single dressing room and mixed the wardrobes together, finding an “internal way” to play each character differently. Irons cites the Alexander technique as the reason he was able to give the characters “different energy points”, weighting one brother on the balls of his feet and the other on his heels. He developed different postures and voice modulations for each as well.

Jeremy Irons as twins in Dead Ringers (1988)

Last week to apply for OBOC 2016

Friday 11 March is the deadline for applying for One Body One Career 2016 in Melbourne.

Due to the limited number of places, candidates are asked to submit a personal motivation statement and CV for consideration in PDF format and not exceeding 3 pages. An additional online show reel is recommended. Returning participants do not need to submit a motivation statement.

For full details and a downloadable application form, check out the Chunky Move website. This program is very popular and space is limited, so don’t wait till the last minute!