One Body, One Career Countertechnique Intensive | 3-14 July 2017 in Melbourne, AU

I love teaching at this wonderful annual intensive with Anouk van Dijk, Nina Wollny in Melbourne. To see a large group of young dancers transform their thinking and movement is such a short time is inspiring, often mind-blowing, and more fun for me than a barrel of monkeys. I can’t wait! The deadline for applications is this coming Sunday, the 15th! For applications:
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Today is the last day for Early Bird Discount! Happy Holidays!
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Register now for the Early Bird discount! Join me and Anouk van Dijk, Nina Wollny and Niharika Senapati in July for the next edition of One Body One Career in beautiful Melbourne, Australia. And please share now with you dance friends!
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Let's celebrate! 1% off for every year

30 years ago today my life changed completely. At 6:15 in the evening, on the upper West Side in New York, I had my very first lesson in the Alexander Technique. My teacher, Molly Schnoll, was a very sweet, short woman with a charming Brooklyn accent who showed me in just 45 minutes that I didn’t have to live with constant back pain. I walked out of that first lesson thinking, “This is it! This is what I have to master. And the only way to master a technique is to teach it to others, so I guess I have to become an Alexander teacher.”

I have never regretted that decision, not even for one moment. So now, to celebrate, I am offering a one-day discount for a single lesson: 1% off for every year I’ve lived with the Technique, for a grand total of 30%! That means you pay only €34,99 instead of the usual €50.

Update: This offer has now expired. Thanks everyone!

30 years and and half my life!

On 15 January 1983 I had my very first Alexander Technique lesson. I realized the other day that means I’ve been working with AT for half my life! In honor of the occasion, I have decided to make a very special offer on that day only, Tuesday 15 January 2013, for all current and former students. Be sure to check back here then to get the details!