I have learned more about movement from Tom Koch than from any of my dance teachers.michael-schumacher

Michael Schumacher

ballet and improvisational dancer, winner Golden Swan and Jiri Kylian Ring for dance

The Alexander Technique as taught by Tom Koch is the single most useful technique that I have encountered in 20 years as a professional dancer. Tom is an extraordinary teacher with a particular understanding of the field of dance.dana-caspersen

Dana Caspersen

member of Ballet Frankfurt and The Forsythe Company

Most attractive to me are the lack of any exercises – just remembering the lessons satisfies – and the logic of the theory.jeroen-brinkhoff

Jeroen Brinkhoff

government economist

In my sessions with Tom I found myself laughing, crying, moving, looking, listening, smelling and even thinking in new ways. And those delightful “new ways” continue to renew themselves!anne-la-berge

Anne La Berge


Tom has taught me more about how to use my body efficiently than did decades of sports, yoga, and dance.patrick-johnson

Patrick Johnson


Still after three years since the last lesson, I recall Tom’s metaphors and realize an immediate physical change.brian-degn

Brian Degn

choreographer and theater maker

Tom has a special way to get at freedom and direction by means of humour and lightness without being aware of any technique being taught. I simply became free of certain habits by making fun of them.allison-brown

Allison Brown

ballet dancer

Tom Koch is a wonderful teacher. He helps you to understand, through demonstration, deft touch and explanation, what it means to carry yourself.jo-ann-kaplan-

Jo Ann Kaplan

film editor

Alexander Technique lessons by Tom Koch have helped me not only to be more aware and free in daily life but they also significantly helped my musicianship, both physically and musically.ties-mellema

Ties Mellema

saxophonist and founding member of Amstel Quartet

After a session with Tom I walk out 3 inches taller.prue-lang

Prue Lang


I’ve been several times to Tom’s Alexander Technique lessons and he has achieved some small miracles. I love the guy!hans-groenwold

Hans Groenwold

assistant film producer

Tom’s workshops and individual sessions were a powerful tool to getting my body back on track.hedda-lettuce

Hedda Lettuce

cabaret artist

Tom Koch’s workshop and classes first astonished, then inspired and helped me.roland-schankula

Roland Schankula

dance therapist

My story

I suffered with chronic neck and back pain starting at age 10 and lasting for the next 20 years, eventually causing me to stop my career as a dancer-actor-singer. Then I found the Alexander Technique which taught me a new way of moving that removed almost all of my pain.  It also taught me a new way of reacting to pain on those rare occasions it would reappear. I knew from my first lesson I had to master this and so I became a teacher of the Technique. It was the best decision of my life. Now I teach others in Amsterdam and around the world the simple technique that changed my life from one of constant pain to one of ease and lightness.

Tom Koch
Tom Koch, Certified teacher since 1987