Let's celebrate! 1% off for every year

30 years ago today my life changed completely. At 6:15 in the evening, on the upper West Side in New York, I had my very first lesson in the Alexander Technique. My teacher, Molly Schnoll, was a very sweet, short woman with a charming Brooklyn accent who showed me in just 45 minutes that I didn’t have to live with constant back pain. I walked out of that first lesson thinking, “This is it! This is what I have to master. And the only way to master a technique is to teach it to others, so I guess I have to become an Alexander teacher.”

I have never regretted that decision, not even for one moment. So now, to celebrate, I am offering a one-day discount for a single lesson: 1% off for every year I’ve lived with the Technique, for a grand total of 30%! That means you pay only €34,99 instead of the usual €50.

Update: This offer has now expired. Thanks everyone!

30 years and and half my life!

On 15 January 1983 I had my very first Alexander Technique lesson. I realized the other day that means I’ve been working with AT for half my life! In honor of the occasion, I have decided to make a very special offer on that day only, Tuesday 15 January 2013, for all current and former students. Be sure to check back here then to get the details!