Private study with Tom

All new students must begin with a Trial Lesson of 60 minutes. Beginners are recommended to take at least one lesson per week.

Please wear clothing that is not too tight or restrictive. Part of the lesson involves you lying on a massage table, so trousers or leggings might be more comfortable than skirts or dresses. 

After you complete a Trial Lesson, you may choose to continue with single lessons, or by paying in advance for a course of lessons. Most students find that a Standard Course of 24 lessons, taken at least once per week, is a reasonable goal. Upon completion many students, especially performing artists, continue with less frequent lessons as a way to maintain and further develop their skills. 

Single Lessons

Trial lesson

1 hr 45 minutes

For all new students

Standard lesson

40 minutes


Student/Artist lesson

40 minutes


Only for performing arts students and starting professionals

Private Courses

Mini course

4 standard  lessons

(valid for 6 weeks)


Standard course

24 standard lessons

(valid for 12 months)


Short course

8 standard lessons

(valid for 4 months)